Company portrait

  • 23.December 1980

    Foundation of the company Helmut Weissmann Ges.m.b.H.
    The company is engaged in the execution of drywall and carpentry work.
    Hr. White man sen. brings years of experience from the early days of the drywall business into the company.
  • 1983

    Start of marketing of sanitary partitions
  • 1985

    Development of the convertible system partition WM 2000
  • 1988

    Move to the first office in Meistergasse 1210 Vienna
  • 15.Juli 1991

    Mr. Ing. Christian Weißmann joins the company after completing his HTL Matura, and starts working as a fitter at the construction sites
  • 7.March 1995

    Founding of the Fa. Ing. Christian Weißmann Ges.m.b.H.
  • 1997

    Expansion of the product range in the field of floor laying and painting work
    Start of the gradual expansion to the general contractor
  • 1999

    > Further development of the WM 2000 system partition wall as a single glass wall without floor profile and hinged hinged doors
    Development of sliding glass doors for the convertible partition WM2000
  • 2004

    Retirement of Mr. Helmut Weißmann after a long and fulfilled working life. The company will continue in its spirit
  • 2007

    Opening of the new company location Stadlweg 18, 1210 Vienna. The warehouse and the office are brought together, which makes logistics much easier.
  • 2011

    Awarded by our company at the Rigips Trophy 2011: 2nd place among 18 applicants
  • 2015

    Awarded by our company at the Rigips Trophy 2015: 1st place among 30 applicants
  • 2016

    Certified Processor for BASWA acoustic . We can make completely smooth acoustic plaster surfaces
  • June 2018

    Award at the German Innovation Award for our BASWA acoustic project

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