Complete solutions

What happens at renovation renovation?

Furniture has to be moved, various cover work is necessary; Partition walls and ceilings are broken off; new false ceilings and dividing walls are being built; new cabling and plumbing is needed; Floor coverings must be supplemented or renewed; various painting work must be carried out.
Moving furniture, files and furniture; Customization or remake of furniture; Cleaning.

How many professionals are needed?

Drywall + electrician + installer + floorer + tile store + painter + carpenter + forwarding + cleaning company

= 9 companies with 9 different contact persons = 1 chaos

We offer:

Trockenbauer, Bodenleger, painter, forwarding agency (in Vienna), carpenter, with own long-term trained personnel. In co-operation with our long-time tested partner companies also electrical and plumbing installations, tile laying, final cleaning etc. can be smoothly handled. Assistance in the planning including processing of the submission including authorities is also possible.

We also work with subject-specific consultants (eg building physics, sound insulation and acoustics, heating and cooling, lighting, interior design, etc.) to work out the best solution for your project.

The pictures show a selection of our projects:

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