Heating and cooling ceilings

Heating and cooling ceilings the most innovative form of air conditioning

A cooling ceiling is able to build a largely uniform vertical temperature profile in the room. Last but not least, humans release about 50% of their excess heat from radiation onto surrounding surfaces. Thus, a cooling ceiling system on the basis of the radiation cooling of the physiological heat output of humans comes.

completely draft-free, completely silent, no dust turbulence, no filters – no bacteria, no desiccation of the room air, minimum maintenance – as in underfloor heating, energy efficient by heat pump coupling.

Additional benefits:
Not only cooling, but also heating in winter – with pleasant radiant heat from above – inspired by the natural sun

And this is how it works:
Inside the ceiling plate, plastic pipes – pressed into special heat-conducting profiles – transport cold or warm water. The ceiling panels serve as an energy distribution system. In cooling mode, the heat of the room is absorbed by radiation from the ceiling system, passed on to the circulating climate corner water and then removed from the room. Since water is a much better conductor than air, energy costs can be reduced by up to 50%!

Our service:
We advise you from the initial consultation on the plant planning to execution and commissioning. Incl. Outdoor unit and all piping. As you are used to from us: Everything from one source.

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